Dhansukh Shivabhai Parmar

Shri Dhansukh Shivabhai Parmar, who is the first Gujarati Prajapati Shakha Pramukh of Shivsena (Dharavi in all over India, Mr. Dhansukh is a very good Gnyati-Sevak of Mumbai City doing welfare of Dharavi Kumbharwada (Asia's biggest slum). He is in charge of programs for our poor prajapati children who cannot buy medicine/injections for Hepatites B. Mr. Dhansukh arranges and gives them free medicine/injections etc. to the needy. Dhansukh Parmar Shakaha Pramukh also gives rations to our poor prajapati Bandhu free of cost and helps them in any field. Mr. Dhansukhbhai is a President of Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati MahaSangh (Mumbai Pradesh) head office of this organization is at New Delhi. With the help of said organization and Shivsena Party, Shri Dhansukh has become a very successful social worker of Mumbai and he is Executive of Prajapati welfare assn. and well-known to our Prajapati Caste.