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A Note to Our Members

Since the launch of our website, www.sspgm.net, in 2002, there seems to be a need to evaluate, refine and further identify the purpose of this website.

Firstly, note that www.sspgm.net is a non-profit, FREE of charge, informational, global site, we are not affiliated with any organizations of any kind and do NOT charge ANY fees of any kind to anyone or any corporation or organization. This is the only way we can remain impartial to all members over the entire globe. We are devoting a lot of our valuable time selflessly to ensure that the best and most current information is available to everyone everywhere at the same time.

Our mission is and has always been to present members worldwide with knowledge of our cultural, religious, historical, genealogical, educational, economical, and other achievements about our past, present and the future.

All of the information posted on our site has been, prepared selflessly and tirelessly by individuals of our Shree Sorathia Prajapati Gnati members around the world. Members send this data so that more people can be informed of our heritage and culture and general news from many corners of the world. This is a cooperative effort to promote our mission

A lot of the information in our site includes the evolutionary steps and actions taken by our forefathers that are responsible for our existence and well being today and the future of our children and for generations to come. This is historical information that belongs to all of us!

Now almost 3 years later, our site has grown by leaps and bounds and has become an information center for our community across the globe. We have the USA, Canada and Australia members' directory. They are all very happy to post information and communicate freely with the new medium. They have made major contributions to their size of community.

India too has been very forthcoming and is continuously supplying us with a wealth of information and is strongly promoting the site to all the members.

We have had a tremendous response from the UK members and various individuals in the UK have made efforts to promote the site and have also contributed quite rigorously towards the growth of this website. We have had an overwhelming request from the UK members to post the directory of members using the same format as USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

We are currently working on implementing a Global directory for our members worldwide. We would like your feedback and/or suggestions on this and other items of interest to you. Members can now contact, find or locate each other freely across the globe at the click of the mouse. This is a very useful feature to network our community closer together. We have actually connected people together who had lost contact for many years!

We request all our members to fully understand the objectives of this our www.sspgm.net site and to fully utilize this wonderful tool to their advantage, take pride in contributing towards its growth and to inform as many of our members about the site. In this age of connectedness, no man is an island and no country is isolated anymore.

Keep the greater goal of communicating and connecting with PEOPLE rather than creating islands in a very small world! Since the website recognizes no boundaries – we would like you everyone to forget which country you are residing in and believe that you can make a difference in the opposite corner of the world.

Email us at shiladhiru@yahoo.com