Jatin Vinod Fatania

Shri Jatin Vinod Fatania is a prominent social worker of our Prajapati Caste. He is a Comvenor of Shivsena Party Kurla Area-Gujarati Vibhag. This is a pride of Prajapati Gnyati and most probably for Bujarati Samaj. Mr. Jatin is a Pratinidhi of our Shri Sorathiya Prajapati Gnyati Mumbai, and Secretary of Prajapati Kunbhar Welfare Association (International) Registered by Government of Maharashtra. He is also Vice President of Vishwa Prajapati Parishad (Founder Shri Anand Kumar Sinawadia of Rajashthan) Mr. Jatin distributes uniforms, notebooks, school books, and also gives financial aid in form of school fees to the needy andpoor students. He also assists brought desering students in securing admission to school and colege for higher education under the banner of Shri Lunai Education Trust (which running in India by Mr. Mohanbhai Virjibhai Fatania of U.S.A.). He also helps all the caste Bandhus who need medical help like heart patients, cancer, kidney, and/or any diseases with the help of Jayaben Narsibhai Ghedia Gnyati Niradhar Yojana (which running in India by Mr. Narshibhai Mesurbhai Ghedia of Nairobi) and doing several other social works for our Caste people.