History of Surnames

Origins of the Pankhania Family

Submitted by Ravjibhai Parbatbhai Pankhania
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

It gives me great pleasure in writing a brief history of the Pankhania Family, especially for this historic event, the launch of a web site for Shree Sorathia Prajapati Gnati Manda, Atlanta Georgia. This website is the first ever of its kind for the SSPGM members worldwide. I am very excited to be a resident of Atlanta USA, where this website is being launched. I cannot express my excitement by a mere few words.

I have been given this opportunity and I consider this a great priveledge to write a few words about the Pankhania family. A lot of the information you will read below was painstakingly collected and compiled by Kaviraj Manharbhai Buddhiisagarbhai Barot, Ranavav and published by the executive committee members of the Pankhania Samelan (UK 2000).

Today, the Pankhania family is the largest within the Shree Sorathia Prajapati Gnati. Pankhania family originated from Chudasama, Rajput Kshatriya family. History reveals that Krishna Bhagwan's 79th Generation of Chandravanshi Chudasama Rajput Kshatriyas gave birth to King Denendra. He had a son named Gajpat, who ruled his kingdom from Junagadh. One of the Chudasama Rajput families led by Savji Dada settled in 'Pankhan', a place near Keshod, hence we are known as Pankhania. He also married a girl from Prajapati Kumbhar family. Along with the Pankhania family, there was a Vadher family who lived in Pankhan.The Pankhania and the Vadher families lived happily together, and accepted each other as brothers. The two families did not intermarry with each other while keeping their blood lines clean, they called themselves "Sakh Brothers" and do so at this present day.

Pankhania worshipped their family deity Adhya Shakti Harshidhi Mataji. We also believe in Brahmani, Naag Bapa and Vachhara Dada.

From our ancestor Savji Dada, the genertions continued chronologically as Virji, Vikramji, Khasia, Saria, Deva, Hira, Mala, Mandan, Munja, Samat, Sarman. After the Mandan family we branched out and settled in different places. Mandan Bapa died a valiant warrior in Pankhan. His rock memorial as 'Surapura' was erected. There is also a well known as Pankhan Vav. From Pankhan, some of us went and settled in Pata (ghed), some in Palakhada, some in Bhardwada. Rock memorials of our defenders and valiant warrior are evident in Pankhan, Pata, Mader, Kadachha and Shingada.

At present, some Pankhania families worship their Kurdevi, Shree Harshidhi Mata and pay their homage at temples in Miyani near Dwarka and at Ujjain, in Rajasthan. Others worship Lord Krishna and pay homage to Maha Prabhuji Bethak at Gaga Gurgat near Dwarka and Shree Nathji temple at Naathadwara in Rajasthan.

In spite of these variations, we are all united and live harmoniously as one "Pankhania" family.