Valabh Vidyanagar Mandal

Valabh Vidyanagar Mandal Trust Fund

To Shriman/Shrimati

The detail regarding trust's schemes for donations are as follows.

Purly educational. Established in 1980. Possesses own building, capacity to provide accomodation to sixty students for higher education from 11th standard to Ph.D courses.

1. Yearly member : Rs 101
2. Life member: Rs 1100
3. Donor member: Rs 5001

Purchased 1000sqr yard land and constructed building since 1980. Total value worth Rs 50 lakhs approx and fixed deposits of Rs40 lakhs. Total members as on today are ( home 670 + abroad 300 ) 970.

NOTE-( Donations recieved in any scheme is kept in fixed deposit and interest will be utilized to help needy students of our community)

1. Tithidaan :Sadu Bhojan--Rs 5001/- and mishtan bhojan Rs11000/- .Total 225 times a year recieved expected 300times. TARGET RS 25 lakhs and recieved Rs 11 lakhs
2. Anna daan :In multiple of Rs 1100 , recieved Rs 7 lakhs against targer of Rs25 lakhs
3. Scholarships 2000 :Each in multiple of Rs51000/-, recieved 22 and expecting 28 more each one of Rs 51000/-
4. Computer: Currently 5 computers are in our computer center and expecting 5 more and one for office Total in all 11.

1. Pentium-2 , Rs 30000/- Date- 26/1/1999 DONOR: Mr & Mrs Hirji bhai Valji bhai Jadav -( Ranavav) Mauritius .
2. Pentium-2 , Rs 50000/- Date- 30/7/1999 Complete system DONOR Late Gokalbhai Keshavbhai Pankhania and family (Ranavav ) London UK
3. Pentium-3, Rs 40000/-with multi media Date- 28/3/2000, DONOR Mr & Mrs Kanji bhai Jivan bhai Gadher (Ranavav ) Hounslow UK
4. Pentium-3 , RS 30500/- Date- 9/7/02 DONOR Mr & Mrs Hirji bhai Valji bhai Jadav (Ranavav ) Mauritius
5. Pentium-4 , Rs 38000/-Date- 26/2/02 With Internet, E-mail and multi media facilities DONOR Mr & Mrs Harishchanra Dahyalal Gohill and family ( Ranavav ) London UK

SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME -2000.(as on today) Sr . Donation (Rs) . Name of donor .Native . Place
1. 2,01,125/- Sh. Arjun bhai Rajshi bhai Ladva and Smt. Nandu ben Arjunbhai Ladva & Family Ranavav London UK

2. 1,02,000/- Late Sh.Bhura bhai Bhoja bhai Vara & Smt. Veji ben Bhura bhai Vara &family Tarsai London UK

3. 51000/- Late smt.Rani ben Arjan bhai Vara Mr. :Laxmanbhai ArjanbhaiVara Ranavav London UK

4. 51000/- Late Sh. Dinesh bhai Devraj bhai Vara Sh.Devraj bhai Hirjibhai Vara Ranavav Leceister UK

5. 51000/- Sh Mandubhai Devshi bhai Gohil Ranavav Nakuru Kenya

6. 51000/- Late Sh. Jivanbhai Rajshibhai Gadher Smt. Jamnaben Jivan bhai Gadher Ranavav Surrey UK

7. 51000/- Smt.Amrutben Trikambhai Bhalsod Tarsai / A'bad Navsari

8. 51000/- Sh. Jivabhai Ramjibhai Vara Ranavav Birmingham UK

9. 71000/- Smt. Rambhaben Kesavji bhai Dabhi Khorasa ( gir) Conventry UK

10. 51000/- Late smt..Valiben Manjibhai Parmar Porbandar Canada Sh. Harjivan bhai Manjibhai Parmar

11. 55555/- Sh Mulji bhai Popat bhai Pankhania Patelka/Nairobi London UK Smt Gomtiben Mulji bhai Pankhania

12. 51005/- Late Dr.Sh. Prem G Ghedia Dhaturia Sidney, Australia Smt Damyanti ben Prem Ghedia

13. 51000/- Sh, Vrajlal Ramji Gadhia & Ranavav Leceister UK Smt. Manjula ben Vrajlal Gadhia

14. 51000/- Late Sh. Rajshi bhai Vasram bhai Gadher & Ranavav London UK Late Smt Kuvar ben Rajshi bhai Gadher Sh. Gordhan bhai Rajshi bhai Gadher

15. 2,04,000/- Shri Sorthia Prajapati Gnati Education Trust- Dubai India UAE

16. 51000/- Smt.Prabhaben Harjibhai Pankhania Bharvada/Porbandar London UK

Proffesor. Tulsibhai Becharbhai Pankhania (native: Rana-Khirsara Dist Porbandar ) Honorary Secretary

Shri Sorthia Prajapati Vidyamandal Vallabh Vidyanagar
Phone Hostel: 35352
Residence: 35316
Office: 30104 ext.235
BVM Engineering College