Mumbai Mandal

Mumbai Mandal Lunai Education Trust

A trust registered with the Government of Maharashtra vide Register No. Maharashtra State - Mumbai - 1479/2002, recognised by the Charity Commissioner and Society Registrar of Brihan Mumbai Division. This Trust is dedicated to the upliftment of our caste and provides education and eduational facilities to the weaker section and mainly out caste's students

The members of the Trust are:

1) Founder and Petron-in-Chief Shri. Mohanbhai V. Fatania
2) Patron Shri. Savjibhai J. Jethwa
3) President Shri. Naranbhai M. Jadav
4) Vice-President Shri. Bipinbhai V. Fatania
5) Secretary Shri. Vinod K. Fatania
6) Jt. Secretary Shri. Rajesh B. Jadav
7) Treasurer Shri. Kishor D. Jadav
8) Jt. Treasurer Shri. Vikrant V. Fatania
9) Executive Members Shri. Mahesh B. Koria
10) do Shri. Jagdish D. Jagatia
11) do Shri. Bhanjibhai N. Jagatia
12) do Shri. Purshottam V. Jagatia
13) do Shri. Suresh G. Fatania
14) do Shri. Anil J. Jagatia

Everybody of our caste or community is requested to help and promote this trust by donating or funding money for the benefit of our children. For further information, please contact:
Vinod Khimji Fatania, Editor
Agnichakra - 3, Vinod Khimji Road,
Bharat Coal Compund, Old Kurla Mumbai 400 070
Tel: 25117053
Fax: 25145347
With kind regards