Shribai Kanya Chhatralay Education Trust, Junagadh

Submitted by Manu Devshi Chandegra
Twickenham, Middlesex UK
Tel: 0208 572 9711
Mob: 07989 575 063

Background To Project
Junagadh is centered between Dwarka, Porbandar, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar. Most of our community lives in this area. Local villages provide education up to 11th Standard (GCSE equivalent). Most of the rural areas do not provide education beyond this level. Students need to travel to bigger cities to further their education in colleges and universities. Poorer parents are reluctant to send their girls, in particular, to large cities due to lack of accommodation, financial and security issues. the Chhatralay would provide boarding and lodging for these students with Junagadh having numerous further educational institutions for them to attend.

Aims and Objectives
At present, there are no kanya Chattralays in Junagadh for our community and through this project we aim to provide this facility. A charitable trust will be set up and the trust will buy the land. The UK registered charitable trust has several tax benefits for both the donors and the charity.

To achieve this aim the following actionals will or have been taken.

1) Farmland has been purchased near the Junagadh to Vanthali highway. The land measures about 6 vigha (11,374 sq. yards) and is approximately 3 km from Junagadh centre. Within the same vicinity there are 4 other kanya chhattralays belonging to other communities.
The contracts were exchanged on the 18/12/03 and completion will take place on the 30/04/04 and at the same time the land will be registered under the trust's name.

2) The Work Schedule

3) Project Coastings:

4) Project Funding

The vision is to bring like-minded people together to form a founder member's group to fund the initial project costs on a purely equal basis.

Initially, 9 sponsers will be required with Rupees 12 lakhs each.
the payment scheme is broken down below:

5) Once the founder member's group is established, the following action will be taken:

We would like you to be part of this founder member's group. Your generosity and contribution to set up this project will help many girls from rural areas to gain a higher education and become more self-reliant.

Please contact us for any further queries or clarification on any issues.