Prajapati Bhakta Kala Bhagat

Translated in English by Mohanlal Virjibhai Fatania
From "Sant Sarita" Published during 7th Amrit Mohatsav, 1970, Nakuru, Kenya

Kala Bhagat lived in town Ticker, in district of Hadvad. One day a sadhu came to his house and lived with him and Kala Bhagat geve him excellent service. When the time came for the sadhu to leave, Kala bhagat bowed down and touched the sadhu's feet and sat down. Sadhu asked him "Kala Bhagat what do you need?" He said prabhuji I want your mercy. At this time Kala Bhagat was 18 years old. Sadhu replied "You are a prajapati and give your service to Sadhu and janta (people) This is in your blood since you were born. If you perform this service it is my blessing that you will be able to cure disease and by the touch of your hand uncurable diseases will be cured".

Thus at this young age Bhagat took sanyas (to wear saffron clothes and relinquish all material life). As per instructions from the Sadhu, who he cosidered his guru, Bhagat Started to serve the people. Even by spending a lot of money, the disease that cannot be cured, can be cured soon by mystical knowledge thread given to the patient.

The wife of Dana Patel in the village Malaniyat was suffering from Dropsy. Patel tried in Dhangadra and Vadhvan city, examined by different doctors, but had no hope to cure it. Patel came to Kala Bhagat explained his wifes problem. Kala Bhagat gave him a mystic thread dropsy was cured in just two weeks. Thus Kala Bhagat was serving the people and at the same time perform bhajan kirtans.

Nearby, the town of Sayakada, was populated by Garasia's (people related to the king who have been given free land). They were so strong that everybody in the town was afraid of them. Nobody could pass in front of them riding a horse! Kala Bhagat was given this information by the town people. One day Kala Bhagat went to Sayakada, riding a horse and passed through the town. The Garasia's got really angry. One of them said "look at this potter, he is riding a horse. It is an insult to our people" They wanted to punish Kala Bhagat so they tried to stand up to walk towards Bhagat, but nobody could stand up from the floor! They were all stuck to the floor! They tried hard but without success. In this way the Garasias were defeated, and started to implore. Bhagat said "Brothers, you should know that people have made the upper and lower castes, but remember that the soul has no caste. All human beings are equal according to god". Then Kala Bhagat forgave them and ever since the Garasia's have allowed people to pass and ride on horse through their town.

A marriage party of a Bania's son, residing at the town of Chuli was going to perform a marriage ceremony. The robbers came and started to rob the men and women of the party. At the same time Kala Bhagat was passing nearby on his horse. He asked the robbers to stop and they refused. The robbers made a heap of all the jewellery and ornaments on one side. Kala Bhagat went near the pile and started to distributing the jewellery back to the people. The robbers tried to rush towards Kala Bhagat, but the robbers could not move a single inch. Robbers requested Kala Bhagat to forgive them, but Bhagat only agreed after getting a promise that they would not rob anymore. Robbers left and Kala Bhagat had saved the jewellery of the wedding party and they expressed their gratitude.

Kala Bhagat was getting old and suffering from an illness in the town of Narichana. He was about to die, so he sent one of the man to his home town of Ticker, to call one of his family member named Thakorshi. He wished to see him at this last moment, but Thakorshi refused to come. Believing Kala Bhagat would send someone else to call him, Thakorshi tried to evade to a nearby town, but to his surprise he could not find the way! He could not understand how this was happening. He then thought about going to Narichana, where Kala Bhagat was lying on his death bed. As soon as he turned towards Narichana, the way became very clear and he came to Narichana. He came to Kala Bhagat's death bed and regretted. He bowed down and asked for forgiveness. After seeing Thakorshi, Kala Bhagat felt satisfaction. He advised Thakorshi to perform Bhajans and Kirtans after his death. After saying that Kala Bhagat passed away and left this material world. Such was the glory of Shree Kala Bhagat.

Bhagvan and Kala Bhagat ki Jai.