Arvind Madhavji Devalia - Profile

Arvind lives in central London from where he runs his coaching, consultancy and writing businesses.
He has written various articles in national and local magazines and newspapers, as well as writing his own daily blog online, entitled “Make Things Happen”.
Arvind’s pedigree background in the corporate world includes positions at Shell, BP, NatWest Bank, Danone with responsibilities for strategy, project management and marketing. During the Dot Com boom in the late 90’s, Arvind was an Internet “paper millionaire” as a key member of a start-up company.
An IT graduate, MBA and professional performance coach, with a track record of success in all areas of his life, Arvind is now focusing on helping other people also achieve what they want through his book “Get the Life you Love and Live it”.
He says that his life changed dramatically after he a spent a month in India in March 2000 at a charity school in March 2000. He is now an avid and dedicated supporter of this school and continues to raise funds and awareness for this cause. You can learn more about Nirvana School at
Arvind’s personal interests include following sporting events, staying fit and healthy, eating optimal and nutritional food, peace work and helping children’s causes.

Contact Details:
76 Hamilton Terrace
St Johns Wood
London NW8 9UL

tel: 020 7286 8655


Here are a selection of Arvind’s media coverage from recent years:
1. Asian Woman - Get the Life you Love and Live it (March/April 2006)
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15. Gradjobs Careers Seminar (2nd & 3rd June 2006)
16. Best of you - Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude (April 2006)

Other key media coverage since 2003:
1. Asda Magazine - Come alive in 2005 (January 2005)
2. Standard Life Magazine - Coaching for change (Winter 2003)
3. Eastern Eye - Mela 2004 (10th September 2004)
4. Asian Voice - Take better control of your business (November 2003)
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A sample article from Arvind's weekly coaching column which ran for almost a year in 2003 / 2004 in Wood & Vale, the local paper for St Johns Wood and Maida Vale, central London:
Wood & Vale - Article on Self Care (10 October 2003)