Laljibhai Ranmalbhai Koria

(Profile written by Premji Bhura Dhokia)
Name: Lalji Ranmal Koria

Birth Place: Porbandar

Father's Name: Ranmal Pama Koria

Name of Wife: Januben

Present Address: New Kumbharwada, Porbandar

Expired: 24/11/1998

Family Details: Three sons and two daughters total five children

(1) Elder son Bharat Graduate and servicing as a teacher.
(2) Second son Mansukh servicing in factory.
(3) Third son Mukesh-Electrician.
(4) Daughter named Diwari Graduate and teacher in school.
(5) Younger daughter Prembai Graduate and teacher in school in Tarsai Village near Porbandar.

Shri Laljibhai was servicing in Maharana Mills, Porbandar since 1942 and joined Shri Prajapati
Vidyotejak Mandal in 1946 and active as a President of our organization for many years. He was
remain life time member and trustee of our Gyati Mandal in Porbandar

With Laljibhai, Mr. Harji Raja Bhardwa and Mr. Jiva Harji Jagatiya had given their services to our
Gyati Mandal for many years. Presently, Harjibhai expired and Jivabhai is living in Jamnagar. Thus
the Vidyotejak Mandal is facing want of such active members forever.